Welcome for training in Japanese martial art of AIKIDO

Mumonkan Aikido Club invites you to Aikido trainings in Minsk, Vitsebsk and Navapolatsk. We invite all those who are interested in applied aspect of martial arts. Your gender and level of physical fitness do not matter. The intake to Aikido school is open constantly – just call us and come to us.

Welcome to Aikido trainings

The training program includes the following:

Mumonkan club is one of the leading Aikido schools in Minsk and Belarus. The club has two branches: in Vitsebsk and Navapolatsk, and it is a part of Belarusian Aikido Federation.

Some PRO arguments to come to us

For more information about our vision of martial arts and the training process, please see "Our vision of Aikido and unexpected attack" page.

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On September 1, 2016 Aikido trainings in fighting gymhall "Uručča" Sports Complex are started.

On August 15, 2016 regular trainings in Mumonkan Aikido Club are resumed. You can find the schedule of trainings and directions on how to reach our dojo at the "Schedule Aikido trainings" page.

We announce intake for Aikido groups for 2016-2017. You are welcome!

June 30, 2016. The results of training season 2015-16 in Mumonkan Aikido Club.

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