From 14 to 16 December, 2012 Mr. Evgeny Radishevsky held a Ju-Jutsu seminar at the Centre of Aikido and Ju-Jutsu "Gosinkan" in St. Petersburg. In the seminar, Vitaliy Goleshev, the head of Mumonkan Aikido Club, took part.

Evgeny Radishevsky is a Shihan, the founder and the president of "Bushinkai International" Martial Arts Centre. He holds 7th Dan in Ju-Jutsu, 4th Dan in Kobu-Jutsu and Karate. He is also obtained Kyoshi International instructor, which corresponds to an expert status.

Evgeny RadishevskySeminar by Evgeny RadishevskySeminar by Evgeny Radishevsky

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