Mumonkan Aikido Club emblemThe Mumonkan Aikido Club official website publishes reports on recent events and announcements about upcoming events, news, information about events in the world of Aikido and other martial arts, answers to frequently asked questions about Aikido, Mumonkan club and the training process. In "Photo" and "Video" sections you can see the photo reports about trainings and seminars, which were held on the basis of the our club, and technical execution of some Aikido holds.

Our objectives

  • Achievement of psychological and physical balance through technical perfection.

Our goals

History of the Mumonkan club

Mumonkan Aikido Club was founded by Mr. Vitaliy Goleshev on 13 May, 1997.

Vitaliy Goleshev's sertificates are presented below.

1 Dan Aikido Certificate2 Dan Aikido Certificate3 Dan Aikido Certificate4 Dan Aikido Certificate

A pupil of sensei Hiroshi Tada, Mr. Masatomi Ikeda was the technical director at Mumonkan Aikido Club foundation in 1997.

Technical director of the Mumonkan club from 2000 to 2010.

Technical director of the Mumonkan club since 2010.

Mr. Sergei Rychkov was the curator of the Mumonkan club from 1997 to 2009.

Mumonkan club is a part of the Belarusian Aikido Federation (BAF) under the guidance of Mr. Andrei Mostovnikov.

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