The schedule of Aikido trainings in dojos of Minsk, Vitsebsk and Navapolatsk.

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To start training you need:

  1. To contact the instructor (see contacts of Mumonkan club instructors).
  2. To arrive to the dojo and start Aikido trainings.

For beginners first lesson is free.

1) If you do not have a kimono it is possible to wear a sports suit. The clothes should be clean and tidy. It's necessary to have another pair of footwear to enter the dojo. While training you are to be barefoot.
2) If after training you wish to take a shower, bring your bathing accessories.

We provide private Aikido lessons. Time, place and terms of private Aikido lessons are arranged with the instructor individually.

The most optimal regime of Aikido practicing is doing it three times a week for 1-1.5 hours. As a rule, it takes at least 5 years of training to pass the exam to get the first Dan.

Aikido in Minsk

Dojo 1: School #7 of Olympic reserve on combat sports, 7 Karalia str., Minsk

Instructor: Vitaliy Goleshev (4 Dan).

Telephones: (+375-29) 654-1615, (+375-29) 754-1615.

Dojo 2: "Uručča" Sports Complex, 1 Heroeǔ 120 Dyvizii str., Minsk

Instructor: Vitaliy Goleshev (4 Dan).

Telephones: (+375-29) 654-1615, (+375-29) 754-1615.

Aikido in Vitsebsk

"Sviatahor" Club, Bldg. 2, 3 Budaǔnikoǔ ave., Vitsebsk

Instructor: Viacheslav Agradnichevsky (1 Dan).

Telephone: (+375-29) 296-2672.

Aikido in Navapolatsk

"Atlant" Sports Complex, 49A Maladziožnaja str., Navapolatsk

Instructor: Alexander Zhin (1 Dan).

Telephone: (+375-29) 674-7623.

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