A person can practice Aikido and improve Aikido skills all his/her life. After all even to receive the first dan, it is necessary to be no younger than 15 and to have a minimum of five years of practical training. And one can master his/her skills taking part in special Aikido seminars.

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We offer to your attention photo reports about trainings and seminars, which were held on the basis of Mumonkan Aikido Club, as well as about Aikido seminars with participation of our students.

What an Aikido seminar is?

A seminar is an important component on the way to serious Aikido training. Such events are often held in big cities and are arranged in such a way that all those who are interested can take part in them. An Aikido seminar is purposed to familiarize students with certain features of Aikido techniques execution, which everyone can try, looking at the instructor, and then regularly improve them in daily trainings.

What kind of audience the seminars are provided for? First of all an Aikido seminar is a way to unite, to gather in one place numerous representatives of various Aikido directions, to enable fruitful exchange of knowledge and experience. Therefore, participation in seminars will be useful both for Aikido beginners and for masters with a long-term experience.

How a seminar is held?

Aikido seminars are usually held by specially invited masters who have already achieved a significant level in Aikido. Within the several days of a seminar duration, participants take part in ten training sessions. Participation in such a seminar is purposed at adopting master's experience and variants of execution of this or that aikido technique for further mastering of your own skills. Therefore at trainings it is necessary to observe carefully the technique of execution of holds by the master. Besides at such seminars all participants have a possibility to check their own techniques, to feel their strengths and weaknesses, to receive answers to their questions, to compare techniques of various Aikido schools.

Those who attended previous seminars can say with certainty that they have gained the maximum of experience, skills, knowledge and peace of mind. Moreover, after each seminar they experience a huge desire to master their skills. Aikido is not just a hobby. Aikido is a lifestyle.

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