How to tie an Aikido kimono belt?

The kimono belt is called obi. There are several ways of tying the obi. Here we show one of the most common ways. The advantage of it is that the knot will be strong (and therefore it does not untie spontaneously) and flat (so it does not disturb you during the Aikido techniques).

Please pay attention to the following details.

  • The aikido-gi is always (for both men and women) wrapped up from right to left. From left to right the Japanese wrap up the kimono on the dead only.
  • The belt should be of such a length that it could be double-wrapped around the waist, and after making the ends they should be slightly below the bottom of the jacket.
  • When tying the obi, make sure that it is not twisted on your back, because the odd wrinkles increase the risk of injury when you fall down.
  • The ends of the obi should be of approximately the same length after tying up.
  • If the obi has an embroidery with your name and the name of your club, then after tying it up you should see your name on the left side, and the name of the club on the right one.

Let's consider the main phases of the obi tying.

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