No. There are no sparrings in Aikido. It is necessary to understand, that Aikido is not a sport. It has neither rules no limits. That's why we practice randori at our trainings. Randori is a free technique of attack of several opponents.

Randori can be divided into several levels of difficulty, each with different objectives and limits:

  1. Jui-waza: defender gets the task of withdrawal from the attack line or execution of certain prespecified techniques. The attackers line up one after another and begin to attack one by one. The defender should accurately perform the specified techniques while protecting himself.
  2. The attackers surround the defender. The defender knows what kind of attack it will be. The task of the defender is the same – execution of prespecified technique.
  3. The defender's task is not only to execute a certain technique, but repulsing one attack, it is necessary for him to take the most advantageous position to prevent the attacks of other opponents.
  4. The attack and the technique of protection are not regulated. The defender does not wait for attack of the opponent any more, but he dictates interaction conditions himself.

Randori performed by Moriteru Ueshiba

Randori performed by Mitsugi Saotome

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