Aikido training for beginnersAikido trainings begin with a greeting – a mutual bow. The sensei and the students bow to each other. Students say: "Onegai shimasu", which means please allow me to practice with you.

Then a warm-up begins.

The warm-up

The warm-up means practicing basic movements and enters used in the performance of virtually all Aikido holds, and practicing spotting safety methods. Basic movements performed during the warm-up are divided into two types: movement in the standing positions (tachi-waza) and movements on the knees (suwari-waza). After that the spotting safety techniques are performed (ukemi).

Quite often, the warm-up ends with acrobatic exercises – jumping over obstacles, walking on the hands or in the "bridge" position, performing exercises like "wheel", etc.

The main part of the Aikido training

The main part of the training begins with practicing striking techniques.

Striking techniques are paid great attention to in our club as blows (atemi) are actively used in Aikido. Besides, there are often people coming to our trainings who have never practiced martial arts before and they often do not know how to make blows correctly. Therefore, to learn how to protect yourself from blows of the opponent, the person should understand how these blows are made.

Then technical actions and holds are practiced. There are people with different background in Mumonkan club. Therefore all trainees are divided into groups according to their background. After that a specific task for training is assigned to each group.

Techniques combinations, kote-gaeshi

The combination of movements

Yokomen-uchi kokyu-nage

A series of movements in combination

Besides, thematic lessons are periodically conducted in our club. As a rule at such trainings we consider practical holds and specifics of protection against an attack in the street, or our trainings are devoted to nuances of executing certain Aikido techniques.

The end of the Aikido training

At the end of the training taninzu-dori is often performed, which is practicing skills of movement during attack. Students are divided into groups of three, one of them is protecting himself, and the other two are attackers. The attackers begin to attack in turns. The type of the attack is stipulated in advance (for example, a direct punch to the head /tsuki-jodan/, or a kick in the stomach /mae-geri/, or side punch to the neck /yokomen-uchi/). The only task for the person protecting himself is to escape accurately from the line of attack, and it can also be done without any technical action.

In the end of the training, the students say goodbye to the sensei and thank him. The sensei bows and says: "Arigatou gozaimasu", which means thank you. Students respond with a bow: "Domo arigatou gozaimasu", which means thank you in a very polite manner.

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