"There are people, who... will say: «Violence doesn't solve anything».
This is sad. Cemeteries are full of good people who were misled
by this false argument. Violence has always been the final argument...
You do not have to like violence, but you should be ready for it."

(Fredrick J. Lovret, Secrets Of The Japanese Strategy).

If you:

  • are interested in the martial arts;
  • wish to acquire self-defense techniques;
  • want to improve your health and keep it for years to come;
  • strive to follow the way of a spiritual harmony and physical perfection.

Aikido is just what you need!

We announce an intake for Aikido groups.

What is Aikido?

It is not easy to answer this question in brief. It is not only a fighting technique that allows you to resist an opponent effectively, but also an opportunity to keep fit both physically and mentally and to get to know Asian culture, philosophy and worldview.

The first lesson is free! Choose dojo and welcome.

Choose dojo

Trainings in the Mumonkan Aikido Club are not only a unique chance to become fast and strong, accurate and self-disciplined, but also an opportunity to learn the applied aspect of Aikido to be able to defend yourself outdoors. Whoever you are – a fragile girl or a student, a businessperson or an ordinary office worker, an athlete or a combat master – we will be glad to see you, since the longest Way always starts with the first step.

Join us! We will make every effort to ensure that each Aikido training is interesting, informative and effective for you.

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