A warm-up in Mumonkan Aikido Club includes solely basic movements practicing (in the stance and on the knees) and safety techniques. These are quite unusual and specific movements, so beginners often have difficulties doing them. To facilitate the first steps in getting used to the warm-up, we have prepared videos showing all the main warm-up elements. You can review them in detail and use them for self-study at home.

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Movements in the standing positions (tachi-waza)

During the warm-up the following movements in the stance (tachi-waza) are performed: tenkan-ushiro-ashi, irimi-tenkan, tenshin-mae-ashi, tenshin-ushiro-ashi, tenkan-mae-ashi. You can have a look at these movements by viewing the video below.

The following video shows the basic movements performed in the form of kata – a set sequence of movements.

Safety techniques (ukemi)

Ukemi is necessary in order to keep safe at trainings as well as outside the gym hall in everyday life. In Aikido there are the following basic types of ukemi:

  • Mae-ukemi is a method of falling forward, it's a forward somersault.
  • Ushiro-ukemi is a safety method at falling back, rolling over one's back with a somersault backwards.
  • Yoko-ukemi is a safety method when falling sideward. Please note that while doing this spotting the legs must be straightened as the roll-up should not be performed on the back but on your shoulders and heels.

Movements on the knees (suwari-waza)

Movements on the knees (suwari-waza) include four types of elements: mae-sikko, ushiro-sikko, tenkan, irimi-tenkan. All of them are shown in the following video.

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